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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology is a four year degree program intended to teach students how to use medical imaging equipment such as MRIs, X-ray machines, CT scanners and more. Students are also trained how to execute clerical duties, involving scheduling and maintaining paperwork for clinical machinery.

Available subjects for completion of 

RT 100 – Introduction to Radiologic Technology with Science, Technology and Society

RT 102a – Radiologic Physics, Equipment and Maintenance I

RT 103a – Radiologic Physics, Equipment and Maintenance II

RT 104a – Radiologic Technique and Film Processing/Analysis I

RT 105a – Medical Terminology

RT 106a – Ratiologic Technique and Film Processing/Analysis II

RT 107a – Patient Care and Management

RT 108a – Administration, Ethics and Jurisprudence

RT 109a – Radiographic Anatomy & Physiology

RT 110a – Radiographic Positioning and Radiologic Procedures

RT 111a – Radiologic Contrast Examinations

RT 112a – Radiobiology and Raditation Protection

RT 113a – Ultrasonography

RT 114a – Venipuncture

RT 115a – Radiologic Pathology

RT 116 – Computerized Tomography Scan (CT – Scan)

RT 117 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

RT 118 – Interventional Radiology

RT 119 – Radiotherapy

RT 120 – Nuclear Medicine

RT 121 – Quality/Assurance and Quality Control

RT 122 – Research Writing

Junior Internship 1 – Clinical Education I

Senior Internship 2 – Clinical Education II

Sem 1 – Seminar I

Sem 2 – Seminar II

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