College of Physical Therapy

Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (BSPT) is a five-year course that educates students the expertise and abilities in the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with disabilities due to injuries, illness and more. In this course, students are taught in different methods on how to regain physical function, such as the use of hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, and superficial heating, techniques and training. Not only does this course focus on restoring physical performance, but also further enhances, improves the overall health and wellness of the patient.

Available subjects for completion of 

Math 6 – Trigonometry

Gen Bio – General Biology

Human Dev – Human Development

Physics 1A – College Physics

Lit 2 – World Literature

ANA 1 – Gross Anatomy of Limbs, Back, Head &Face

ANA 2 – Neuoanatomy and Internal Organs

ANA 3 – Kinesiology and Biomechanics

Ethics – Ethics in Physical Therapy

PHYSIO 1 – Physiology

PFPT – Psychiatric Foundations of Physical Therapy

Patho – Pathology

PT 1 – Introduction to Patient Care, Hydrotherapy, Massage

PT 2 – Lights Thermal Agents and Hydrotherapy

PT 3 – PT Examination and Evaluation

PT 4 – Electrotherapy

Thera Ex 1 – Physiology of Exercise and Basic Therapeutic Exercise

Thera Ex 2 – Therapeutic Exercise for Medical Conditions

Thera Ex 3 – Therapeutic Exercise for Surgical, Neurologic and Developmental Pediatric


MS 1 – General Medical Conditions

MS 2 – Neurology

MS 3 – Organization and Administration in PT

MS 4 – General Surgical and Orthopedic Conditions

SEM 1 – Clinical Correlation for Medical Conditions

SEM 2 – Clinical Correlation for Surgical, Neurologic and Developmental Pediatric Conditions

Ortho/Pros 1 – Orthotics and Prosthetics

C Educ 1 – Clinical Education Community-Based

C Educ 2 – Introduction to Clinics

C Educ 3 – Continuation of Introduction to Clinics

Res 1 – Introduction to Research Proposal

Res 2 – Research Implementation and Presentation

CLIN INTERNSHIP – Clinical Internship

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