College of Nursing

College of Nursing BSN is a four year course program degree aimed to help graduates enter professional positions in a variety of care settings with clients of all ages from diverse populations. It also prepares students for advancement to a graduate degree program in nursing. Graduates are equipped to practice as a generalist across the lifespan and in a variety of settings.

Available subjects for completion of 

MICROPARA – Microbiology and Parasitology

NCM 100 – Fundamentals of Nursing Practice

NUT DIET 1 – Nutrition and Diet Therapy

CHN – Community Health Nursing

NCM 101 – Care of Mother, Child and Family

NCM 102 – Care of Clients Across the Lifespan w/ Mother, Child & Family Population Group at

Risk or w/ Problems

NCM 103 – Care of Clients Across the Lifespan w/ Problems in Oxygenation, Fluid and

Electrolyte Balance, Metabolism & Endocrine

NCM 104 – Care of Clients with problems in Inflammatory and Immunology Response,

Perception and Coordination

NCM 105 – Care of Clients with Maladaptive Pattern Behavior

NCM 106 – Care of Clients with Problems in Cellular Aberrations, Acute Biologic Crisis, Including

Emergency & Disaster Nursing

NCM 107-A – Nursing Leadership and Management (Lecture)

NCM 107-B – Nursing Leadership and Management (RLE)

Strat Health – Teaching Strategies in Health Education

TFN – Theoretical Foundation of Nursing

PHARMA – Drugs and Solutions with Pharmacology

NRES I – Nursing Research I

NRES II – Nursing Research II

INP – Intensive Nursing Practicum

CA I – Competency Appraisal I

CA II – Comptetency Appraisal II

Elective 1 – Elective Course 1

Elective 2 – Elective Course 2

NI – Nursing Informatics

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