College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM)

The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) program is focused towards providing students with the essential knowledge, attitude and skills to deliver excellent service in the hospitality industry. This course covers subjects that will tackle the requirements of different sectors in the industry such as front office, culinary hotel operations, and many more. Its main focus is for students to attain management skills that are accomplished over theoretical classes, practicum exercises and on the job learning.

Available subjects for completion of 

ENG1a – Communications Arts 1

HRM 1 – Introduction to Hotel and Restaurant Management

HRM 2 – Personality Development

HRM 3 – Front Office Management

HRM 4 – Catering & Quantity Food Production

HRM 5 – Housekeeping Management

HRM 6 – Financial Management and Cost Control

HRM 7 – Bar Service Management

HRM 8 – Food Microbiology/Sanitation with Laboratory

HRM 9 – Human Resource Development and Management

HRM 10 – Facilities Design, Planning and Management

Food 1 – Principles of Nutrition with Laboratory

Food 2 – Principles of Food Preparation with Laboratory

Food 3 – Food and Beverage Services Management with Laboratory

Food 4 – Food Merchandising Sales with Laboratory

OFM 1 – Introduction to Management

MKTG 1 – Intoduction to Marketing

ACCTG 1 – Principles of Accounting

BP – Business Policy

Foreign Language 1 – Nippongo: Conversational

Foreign Language 2 – Nippongo: Advanced

Foreign Language 3 – Spanish/French

Practicum 1 – Practicum Restaurant

Practicum 2 – Practicum Hotel

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